• I strongly dislike Abercrombie and other brand name stores. They ARE over priced and you can get "their" clothes at a gordman's for less later if you are that desperate. I do not think people should have to wear uniforms though. It violates the first amendment and takes away individuality. Bullying is what needs to be addressed, not what brands people wear.
  • I also agree that many name brand clothes are extremely overpriced and the companies profit from young people wanting to have the "latest". I think that uniforms would take away individual expression though which is why I dont think its a good idea. I know from experience that uniforms do nothing to diminish cliques or bullying. I think that there needs to be stonger harrasment policies and ways to anonymously report it.
  • I think uniforms are a great idea!! You go to school looking neat and professional - when you get to the real world it pays to know how to dress properly. As for individual expression - I think clothes at school are not going to stop anyones personality from shining through.
  • When I was in school I thought the idea sucked, but in a way it is better. It not only saves you from constantly spending money trying to keep up with the latest fashion to show off in school, but you don't have to worry about what you're going to wear to school that day. By everyone having to wear the same thing, some people won't feel self conscious cause they can't wear the name brand clothes. By adding accessories you can always personalize your uniform and show to everyone what type of personality you have.
  • I think it is a step in the right direction.
  • My children went to a religious school and as soon as they suggested uniforms we opted out, it seemed like such a regemented state, every day to have to wear the same thing.
  • I think everyone should dress the same and wear uniforms then there wouldn't be any sterotyping on anyone.
  • Everyone worries that uniforms will take away the students' abilities to express themselves or show off their individuality. The irony is that the students would only then whatever popular culture/media or their peers deem they must wear... another form of conformity.
  • Yes, I believe school uniforms are a good idea. To me, it has less to do with who can afford what, although that IS a factor, and has more to do with the inappropriate clothing I see on young women these days. School is there to get an education, not to flaunt your "Juicy" butt (as I've seen on young women's pants) or your "Hustler" chest (which I've seen on young women's shirts). I mean c'mon, really, what caregiver is purchasing t-shirts that say "Jailbait" on them...are you kidding me??
  • i love the idea. at my high school we proposed the idea but we never got a response. i believe it is much more comfortable and it solves many problems.
  • yes. too many kids today get picked on because they can't afford the name brand clothes and even teachers will pick "teachers pets" from richer kids. I am all for it.. it means that no kid will have to worry about getting teased for wearing hand me downs while another wears name brand clothes. I went thru that. Kids have another trouble learning today they should not have to deal with bullying and teasing because of their clothes. As a worker in schools, I am sick of seeing young girls dress like 12 year old "pros". I think it's a great idea
  • Yes, The reason is it is cheaper to maintain. Also all the kids do not have to compete with one another in the fashion sense.
  • Bad at school because it's mandatory in many countries. At work, you have to accept it or can leave searching for another work so it's up to the employer. Worst are for live-in domestic workers, they have to always be in uniform. I have talked to some people who worked as live-in maid/nanny girls when they were young girls in their late teens/early 20's and one of the things they disliked the most were the uniforms (like white blouses and black skirts, white aprons and black high-healed shoes) the employers required the girls to wear.
  • i think they should give students a chance to try out not having a uniform but if they show that they cant handle it then they should
  • Yes, and corporal punishment, too. Well, maybe not the corporal punishment.
  • 5-23-2017 Does it ever occur to you that public schools treat the kids like prisoners? They are required by law to attend classes, sit in chairs for hours on end, obey an arrogant taskmaster, and then they are judged not by what they learned but by how well they obeyed. The uniform only emphasizes the prisoner concept.
  • I'm not sure how the ideas relate there's competition and peer pressure in the real world too as well as uniforms.
  • You should watch a little movie called, "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" One of the main points of the movie deals with exactly this topic and it almost put the manufacturer out of business. Maybe one day, society will progress more towards nudity but for now, the fight continues.
  • Wow, and this is different than the 70's, how? Brittania's and H.A.S.H jeans were $24.99 ea. Nike and Adidas were $50.00 I am all for uniforms in school.

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