• You know.. I have to be honest. I never go in my guy's wallet. When I was younger.. none of us went into dad's wallet.. it was like an unspoken rule. A respect issue. I would not mind if Jimmie went into my purse.. sometimes I will ask him to grab something out of it .. but some women see that as their private area and do not want others in it.. it is just their small place in life.. not a secretive thing...just their comfy lil cubby hole. I know one of my brothers got in trouble years ago over some picture in his wallet. He had forgotten it was in there .. yet a big storm errupted over it .. sometimes guys stick things in there that mean something to them at THAT moment in their life.. if things change. .. they are not always like women in being on top of tossing things out.. Sorry.. but I see us women as the ones who jump to getting rid of things first. I think guys hold on more so out of forgetfulness.. and not to annoy their new lady in their life. Not only that.. you go looking for something.. you are bound to find it. I would leave it go. It may have meant something to him at one time and if you have made it an issue.. just ask that he file it away in a memory box and not so close to him as his wallet.. He will probably readily agree if he was not put on the defensive. Guys leave things in their wallets and just forget I think.
  • It sure would. I know that my man has saved things from his ex such as teddy bears and birthday cards and it bothers me a little and I wonder why he saves them but I guess that's all I can do
  • I don't know...but I would never go into my other halfs's none of my business what is in there. Maybe he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend..maybe the letter makes him feel good..He hasn't 'betrayed' you by cherishing a memory.
  • you'll never know because you can't ask him without admitting that you were snooping. It is possible that he simply forgot it was in there.
  • It would concern me, although what Snooch said does seem to make sense. If he's given you no other cause for concern, I shouldn't worry. However, if you are really worried, you could always say you went in his wallet to see if he could change two fives for a ten or something, and saw it then.
  • Oh yeah that would be a problem. I would be pissed.
  • Some people are just more sentimental than others and like to save their school reports and everything else that has contributed to the person they have become. Others are more pragmatic and ditch stuff. Talk to him.
  • easy to blow this out of proportion. he has a history but that does not make it the present.

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