• There's normally a button you've got to hold down for a few seconds after ignition until the thermo-couple reaches temperature. Some pilot light need to be lit from a flame and others are lit from a spark that is produced when you press down the button I just mentioned.
  • Turn off the gas first. Air out the area for 15 minutes. Restart the gas, push the pilot switch and prest, your in business. If you have any doubts about the condition of the unit, the gas company will have someone drop by and look after it.
  • Turn off main gas for a few minutes turn back on make sure turn pilot switch to pilot position (not off , not on) hold in pilot button you will here gas sound light the pilot light flame port let go of pilot button in 20 seconds if pilot flame stays on -- then, turn switch from PILOT to ON if pilot will not stay lit- you may need a thermocouple:: If the pilot light becomes extinguished -- a fail-safe control to sense when the pilot light is burning. The tip of the thermocouple is placed in the pilot flame. The resultant voltage, typically around 20 mV, operates the gas supply valve responsible for feeding the pilot. So long as the pilot flame remains lit, the thermocouple remains hot and holds the pilot gas valve open. If the pilot light goes out, the temperature will fall along with a corresponding drop in voltage across the thermocouple leads, removing power from the valve. The valve closes, shutting off the gas and halting this unsafe condition. Bob Sunny
  • My furnace had instructions posted on the inside of the door have you checked to see if there are instructions on yours? It will probably even have a diagram. And you may need to get some newspaper or a wooden skewer in order to reach the pilot light you may want to get somebody to help you the first time around but once you learn how to do it it's simple.
    • Linda Joy
      if you don't have instructions and you tell me the name and model of the furnace I might be able to get instructions for your model online and post a link for you..

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