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  • I personally don't, it 'ruins the mood' to smell your fingers right after pleasing her.
  • I have never met or been with a man that does that or likes that, but, I imagine some men do it because they find the smell arousing or pleasing.
  • Confession: It is weird I know, but when your girlfriend is hygienic it does have a pleasing smell, for men there is nothing wrong smelling his fingers, I know cause I had a conversation about this a while ago with some of my friends and no we are not a bunch of perverts. Woman will not understand this easily from a mans point of view, I am not promoting this but the question needed to be answered, I will not smell my figures in front of my wife after pleasing her cause I know she will not like it, and I wont put my finger in a buddy’s nose and joke about it like saying something stupid like "want to smell my wife? But it is weird I know ;)
  • See if it was right hole.
  • This question is obscene, immature, and in horrible taste. Of course those aren't the only reasons that I like it but I had to throw in a compliment or two. I'm not sure why they do it though, I usually have more on my face than my fingers so I really don't feel the urge to sniff my fingers. I'm more like Colonel Sanders in that case.
  • The smell makes me want more
  • people who say perverted are gay. and people who say calling sumthing gay is bad, are gay.
  • I always called it "checking the oil". It lets me know if the cooter's clean and ready for a go.
  • out of curiosity. its not a very enjoyable smell. maybe to some people.
  • Tasted sure, not just smelled though.
  • Nothing smells or taste better than a wet vagina Maybe a cold budlight would after sex.I got my first taste and smell at13 and i still love it. I like to smell panties unwashed, it make me so horny. I do get a couple of prs from woman that I know very well . This is my choice and maybe you do not agree with it,the called freedom of choice. Thanks
  • ummmmm idk, maybe then do just want more, or it reminds them of it when there done, but if ur worring about it, DONTT, they now what there doing!!! even if itss their first time, and they love doing it and if u realy are worried about that he will think, then plan the night in the shower, while things are getting hot between u 2, and u go out to the bed, u willl be freshans clean, he will love that but either way be happy that u even let him in
  • It's a hormone thing. Like chocolate.
  • it brings back wonderful memories
  • So I know what's for supper.
  • I smell my hand after giving a hand job :/ ... its weird i know. curiosity i guess :/
  • If a woman does basic hygene (I don't mean shove soap up inside your virgina) a woman's virgina smells nice,so why wouldnt a guy want to smell his finger after he has fingered you,if it didn't smell nice he wouldnt do it,or if he is blind,he might want to make sure it's you he is doing it to,when we were younger and I fingered another girl,I usually smelt my finger afterwards,it smelt nice.
  • They like to smell us.

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