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  • Well, typically I don't lie. But, if I DID lie, I would probably fess up as soon as I was found out in order to avoid causing more harm than has already been done.
  • Probably defensive because I tell so very very few.
  • I would explain, and take the blame, hoping for forgivness!!
  • If it's just a small lie, sometimes I'd say, "Oh I know man, I was just kidding. Seriously, just joking with you!" If it's a big lie, then I would confess and tell the truth. Earlier in my life I probably would've kept lying to cover the previous lie, and so on.
  • Depends on the kind of lie. if its a "I was going swimming instead of going to work" lie, I would just laugh and ask you to join me. if it was a "It's not your baby" lie, I would probably confess and hope for forgiveness.
  • I would never tell you a lie. I might mistakenly think I know something, but I never intend to deceive. If you tell me I made a mistake, I will do all I can to rectify the situation. Do I owe you an apology? ;)
  • I would tell you i am sorry.
  • Suprised - I generally don't tell lies, or get caught when I do. Then I apologize about telling you that your haircut was flattering....
  • I despise liars so I would not lie to you. Therefore you will not get a reaction from me. :-)
  • deny, deny, deny
  • Furious i will get cuz i don't know how to lie to someone i know.
  • surprised..a little indignant...I don't believe in least not major lies.
  • I would wonder why you thought I was lying. I tell the truth almost all the time and if I lied it was probably as a joke or maybe you misunderstood what I said or maybe I misspoke, it could be a variety of miscommunications but I would definitely want to hear the question. I am not an ostrich in the sand person, if someone has a problem I want them to come to me and discuss problem and see if there is a way to resolve the difference of opinions.
  • Rickster look at this face....does this look like a face that would lie to you??? *wink* :)
  • change the suject strip u naked and make u forget all ur worries
  • With great embarrassment and full of apologies I hope!
  • This recently happened to me, although it wasn't a "lie" I told, so much as an exaggeration. I was embarassed all the same... Me: ...and they're starting to put all kinds of pictures on their refrigerator like I do, but it doesn't look half as good. My sister: I was just at their house and they only have one picture up there. Pause. Me: Yeah, well, you can tell that they're onto something. Just know that they got the idea from me... In any event I've told YOU a lie, Rickster, I'm sure my reaction would start something like, "you must have misunderstood what I meant..." Lol.
  • What am I lying to you on and why? Was it to protect someone I cared about? Was it because I didn't want to hurt your feelings? I rarely lie about anything else. (I may have told a teacher I was working on homework when I wasn't once or twice...but that's understandable.) In either of those situations I see little need for appology. The first one especially. The second I may start a discussion about whether or not you want me to be bluntly honest from now on.
  • " what?...I'm a liar..."
  • i lie and tell you i was telling the truth
  • I am a terrible liar..that's why I don't do it..but if for some reason I had lied to you and you confronted me, I would own up, apologize and then the ball would be in your court as to whether or not you would give me another chance at our friendship. If I were you, I wouldn't because once someone lies to you, the trust is broken and you can never really know if he/she is telling the truth or telling another lie.
  • I will try to trap you with lots of lots of question till you can't answer it and have no choice but to tell the truth. Then I would say.. "it could be easier if you just tell the truth, but don't worry I forgive you =)'
  • I am sorry, I am so sorry! I didnt mean to do it. But I had was all her/his fault(pointing at someone else) !
  • I apologize BOSS....for coming in late. And your right I was not sick. I just over sleep do to I could not stop reading Answerbag questions & answers.......M.C.S.
  • angry that you didnt trust me enough to not investigate further
  • With the truth.
  • Go red and fart.
  • Depends on the lie. I like to make up little stories about things, when no other explanations are available. I just grin a bit when people discover they're not exactly true. If its a big lie that I didnt expect anyone would discover, then (hypothetically) I would probably covertly change the topic as quickly as possible, like: "..Oh well.. hey - how did you ever develop such great intuition about people?".
  • I didn't want to hurt your feelings by telling the truth. I don't want to risk losing a friend over something silly.
  • I'm a terrible liar and cannot do it with a straight face, but if I did and got away with it for more than three minutes, and you caught me, I would admit to it, offer that I have no explanation for such a deed, and apologize, hoping that you would understand that we all make mistakes.
  • I'd fess up. But it would be difficult for you to catch me in a lie. If I do something wrong, and I lie about it, I just did two things wrong. Plus, I'm the worst liar in the world (except I can bluff in poker fairly well). Were I ever to be interrogated by the police, I'd fold before they got done reading me my rights.
  • Nup - that's not gonna happen. But if you have misinterpreted anything I have said or done, then we need to talk about it.

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