• The last time I went to a strip club was over 15 years ago, when some buddies took me out for my Bachelor's party before I was married. I would imagine that several hundred dollars were spent that night as we were feeling no pain.
  • The day my divorce was finalized, my 2 nephews took me to a strip club, they spent around 450.00 that night, ( I spent zero ;)
  • Nothing. My co-workers pay for the visits.
  • $20.00
  • Over $1,000.00 and would have spent more, but there ATM machine was down and when I left my brain started to work again and I did not return that night, but the next night I got crazy again. Now the girl that I spent all my time is a great friend and is no longer dancing, she got her medical degree, and is now an intern at the MAYO clinic. She said she would make over $500.00 a night for a 6 hour shift dancing and that was far better than the 11 bucks in a conventional job. She is a single mom and did what she had to make a life for her and her little girl. now she will be OK and she did not use any welfare. Great Woman.
  • I can't remember. Pretty sure it was less than $50, most of that was for beer.
  • Im pretty cheap when i go... i only spend maybe 20-60 dollars... i wont spend 20+ on a lap dance that will last 5-10 minutes... me and my buddies only go to have some nice scenary while we have a few beers instead of staring at ESPN. We had a couple BYOB places back home too which was really nice because then for the cost of a 12 pack and 10 bucks you can have a good night out.
  • $0 / 0€ I've always been treated rather than going by myself or paying for others. A recent bachelor party I attended spent over a grand if what they were saying was correct. Not surprising with all the bills they kept passing us to give the girls.

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