• I would say that political views have nothing to do with education.
  • Many studies have shown that as education increases people tend to become more liberal on social issues. Social conservativism is mostly based on ignorance and fear of diversity. With greater education, people learn that diversity is not a bad thing- that it is actually a good thing, and nothing to be afraid of.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Where there is more Bible, there is poor education, less intelligence, less logic, almost no critical thought. And, I think you can determine where that street-sign is pointing.
  • Most of them seem to have been solicitors and barristers prior to engaging in their Parliamentary careers, so I would have to assume that they are equally well educated.
  • I feel that there are educated people on both sides, but I see that each side seems to think the other is less educated. I would prefer someone with less education and more common sense than anything, though.
  • I would say that Liberals/ left wingers/ whatever tend to give the appearance of being better educated. It's more common that I listen to an extreme right winger making a speech and within five seconds think "what an idiot" than I do with the opposite side of the spectrum. I do listen to extreme left wingers make speeches that make me think they're idiots too, but it takes me longer to notice it - perhaps they just talk a better talk. The fact that the right wing have Boris Johnson, George Bush and the BNP probably isn't doing their image any favours, although George Galloway is fast on their tail in the "making a tit of myself" race on the other side.
  • liberals.
  • I read a study just yesterday on about how Liberals read more books than Conservatives. The percentage gap was small, but its still food for thought.
  • I would say that you cant judge education simply by whether a person is liberal or conservative, but we do become more liberal when we go through college and more conservative after :) maybe conservatives?? :).
  • All studies on this topic prove liberals are more educated, rounded, and analytical than conservatives.
      That's literally not possible. Think about what you wrote. If that's an indication of YOUR level of education, if I believed you I'd have to guess that you're a conservative.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Like I said earlier, Where there is more Bible-belief, there is poor education, less intelligence, less logic, almost no critical thought. And, I think you can determine where that street-sign is pointing. But don't take my word for it - go read the research on this topic. If you're conservative, it'll probably make you whine like a crybaby, but there is legitimate research out there on this very topic that shows a greater percentage of people who are more intelligent and who have completed higher degrees of education identify as politically liberal.
  • That's like asking, "Who's more hungry, cats or mice?" What's the point of the question? To determine whether or not one political view is more intelligent? If so, isn't that a bit juvenile?
  • Both about equally. It's how they interpret their education that makes the difference.
  • It would have to be conservatives. Liberals tend to be more of a follower than a thinker.
  • I don't have a would be interesting to find out, though. My first thought would be that Conservatives are generally associated with turn they are associated with Big my guess would be they would have more money available to go to college than would the Liberals/Democrats. But that may be entirely wrong. I wonder how we could find that out? Very good question to which I would love to know the answer. :)
  • Liberals think the works of Al Gore and Michael Moore are educational. That pretty much sums it up. I guess the quality of education and the content are the keys. Someone could be taught that the earth is flat, there was no holocaust, socialism is good, and babies come from storks and they would consider themselves educated because they are sure these are facts as it is what they have been taught. Common sense should not be discounted either. I have seen that liberals read slightly more but the crux of the matter is what you read, not how much you read. If you are reading propaganda from the far left you are being dumbed down, not educated.
  • We could draw a distinction between more educated and better educated. If you go to a typical American university, even to the point of a PhD in many disciplines, you have rarely been exposed to anything besides liberalism, which is defined by them as normal, centrist, and common sense. But more education is not necessarily better education, especially if the things you've been taught--that men and women are essentially equal, for instance, and that sex differences are just imposed from the outside--are complete and demonstrable nonsense. But the nice thing about an American university is that you never have to hear a contrary opinion. You can get kindergarten to PhD left-wing liberalism, and if the university does manage to import a conservative speaker then the lefties will riot and shout him down.
  • I would say that most liberal persons would be more liberally educated and open to more sides. Many conservatives would be just that, conservative and close minded to most sides, other than the conservative view.
  • I'd say it's equal although you wouldn't know it by the liberals and their evasive nature......but I'm not gonna try to start a 20 mile thread but I will say both sides have money and therefore are probably equal as far as higher education goes...
  • I think that this is over-simplifying an issue and creating a false dichotomy between Liberals and Conservatives. I don't think that one is "better" educated than the other. Typically the education is going to be in different things, and from a different view point. I, myself, consider myself "Moderate." I try to evaluate both sides of an issue, and make the decision myself, rather than letting my political affiliations decide what stance I'm going to take. An effective education is one that allows you to think for yourself, not simply accept the things that your parents or society told you. I find people like this in all ages, genders, political affiliation, what have you. By pigeon-holing people into "Liberal" and "Conversative" you're only further limiting the education by applying labels to people who should be thinking for themselves.
  • As much as I love to battle it out with Liberals, this question is merely trying to do so. education comes in many forms and in many areas, so to simplify it to such a degree is silly. There are very smart people on both sides and idiots on both sides.
  • Studies suggest that it is in fact liberals. Those who have higher levels of education tend to read more and have higher exposure rates to various levels of society and culture and therefore tend to be more receptive to people unlike themselves. If you look at political map during an election time, you will notice that blue-democratic-liberal states tend to be near large bodies of water. This is because history suggests that the closer to water, the more successful a region is in terms of the economy. Therefore, the socioeconomic status of the region allows for higher levels of education and in return a more liberal political ideology.
  • He is the real question? Why are those that are clearly more educated such as college professors, tend to be liberal. Could it be they better understand the complexity of issues. Better educated persons tend to research and understand issues. Conservatives use emotions to drive decisions. Ask a conservative what issues are most important to them, and they site things like terrorism. Terrorism has cost somewhere around 4 thousand U.S. deaths in the last 50 years. If you include our soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq this number claims to less than 10 thousand. In 1 year over 40 thousand Americans die in automobile accidents. What is truly the most dangerous threat to your life? Ask a conservative?
  • Most of the intellectuals are liberal. The GOP has become a party of anti-intellectuals. Many conservatives are more versed in business college than liberal arts. Many conservatives have a marginal understanding of US history and government. If you looks at George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and John McCain, all of them were undistinguished while in school. Compare these people to Bill Clinton who was a Rhodes Scholar and Barack Obama who was a college professor. Did you ever wonder why Democrats win Noble Prizes but Republicans do not? Clearly Democratic leaders are better educated than their GOP counterparts. The Tea Baggers are hardly an impressive bunch either. Most of them seem to be stuck in the 1950s.
  • Polls show that Conservatives are more educated on Issues.
  • Who do you think has the greater capacity to think critically and use empiricism to form conclusions? I would be surprised if anyone said the conservatives. The mark of a true education is acquisition of skills that transcend dogma.
  • How many Conservative Professors are there? Ok then.
  • Probably liberals because they are in the business of educating, hence the typical "liberal professor" or the "liberal media".
  • Mostly Liberals for the obvious reasons that others have stated in their answers.
  • There are educated liberals and conservatives. What conservatives lack is ethics.
  • Educated in what? What passes for "education" these days is often nothing more than indoctrination. And people who have spent years at a university often think only in terms of ideals and have no understanding at all of the practical value of things. They can barely tie their shoes. Life is education. Those who take what they learn in life and apply it are the real educated.
  • Who gives a rat's ass! I am sick and tired of all this division between people. Both have intelligent people and both have those who are a little dumb. I believe you probably belong to the latter rather than the former.
  • I know for a fact that, on average, liberals are better educated than conservatives. Studies have confirmed this time and again. In fact, it seems to be correct that the better educated you are, the more liberal, you are likely to be.
  • Liberals are better indoctrinated.
  • US education statistics show that the most conservative states have the worst education outcomes and the lowest percentage of college graduates.
  • Both prove educated to some degree, where it is the extremists of either that are the dumb idiots. My brother has been conservative all of his life, and he never knew what it meant until he was 22.
  • Statistics say in '96 republicans were but now democrats are:
  • Some biased people call the other side that isn't the side they believe uneducated. I'm one of those people who feels like intelligence isn't based on a persons political beliefs.
  • Any one with a good education.
  • This is a joke question, right? Are we on Candid Camera? Looking at what has transpired throughout the Trump administration compared to the Biden administration - with everything bad being blamed on the "Orange Man" and not on the one responsible, the only thing left to say is, "Denial is no substitute for intelligence." A simple way to test your question is to see how long today's "intellects" have been entrenched in colleges and universities - and they haven't learned simple economics. No one has taught them that if you go into debt you have to pay for it. They're screaming for educational bailouts. You can't get much dumber than that.
  • Neither, they are just supporting a different side of the polarity.

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