• Yes, microwaves destroy the nutrients. Steaming is the healthiest way to cook veggies.... raw is still best.
  • Hay Caz! Yep.. microwave is worst... heating anyway reduces nutrients.. raw is best...much like sleepy states! :) Be well!
  • Yes you do lose vitamins , Steaming or eating the vegetables raw are the best way + up
  • YOu can steam in the microwave which would be the healthiest way to do it. Just put only 1-2 tablespoons of water in the dish or just wash the veggies. That's enough water. And not all veggies are best raw. Carrots aren't very available nutritionally to people until they're cooked. Same with cauliflower. It has some compounds which are healthier for you when cooked. And spinach too. It tempers the oxalics so you can better enjoy the spinach. But it's best to eat both, raw and streamed to get the best of them all.
  • 8-3-2017 boiling removes water soluble vitamins and you can taste the loss of flavor, but the damage is not great. You can usually find some use for the water so the vitamins are not wasted. Boiled veggies tend to be softest, if you have tender teeth. Steaming does not do that, and they still have a bit of crunch. Microwaving gets them insanely hot without really softening them as much as you would expect, although it does take away the crunch. So your choice would depend mostly on the condition of your guest's teeth.

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