• you really have a thing for nazi's, huh?
  • im not entirely sure about why hitler wanted him dead, but what i said were possibilities, those kind of points regarding history are debatable
  • Hitler wanted everyone dead that could be a threat to him.
  • Roehm was the leader of the SA (or Sturm Abteilung) which was effectively the Nazi party's private army. During Hitler's rise to power, he used the SA to terrorise and intimidate other political parties as well as putting on impressive marches. This worked well to begin with, however after becoming Chancellor the SA, effectively a gang of thugs, became an embarrassment to Hitler. Hitler aimed to consolidate his power and eventually become the dictator of Germany. To do this he needed support of the army and there was a huge mistrust of the SA by leading military officials. Hitler realised that in order to achieve his aims he needed to get rid of the SA and Roehm who had become too powerful and were obstructive his goals. So, Hitler ordered the SS (the 'special forces' of the Nazi party) to round up and kill numerous key SA figures including Roehm. This event became known as 'The Night of the Long Knives' and over 80 peoples were slaughtered. These actions crippled the SA and contributed greatly to Hitler's rise to total power over Germany.
  • Ernst Roehm was the co-founder and commander of the Nazi Sturmabteilung, the SA. 1934, he was shot dead at point blank range by SS-Sturmbannführer Michel Lippert because he refused to commit suicide. Hitler feigned shock at the revelation that Rohm was a homosexual but he had known for a long time. Hitler knew that if he wanted to become President and Commander in Chief after Paul Von Hindenburg died he needed the backing of the military. Hitler made a deal with the Reichswehr (military) that if they backed him for president he would reduce the size of the SA and suppress Roehm. Paul Von Hindenburg who sensed he was dying gave Hitler the ultimatum get rid of the SA or he would declare martial law. Hitler knew if he didn't do something he would lose the Presidency so he had Roehm arrested and killed.
  • Great comments on Ernst. As a matter of fact he was more concerned on his behavior more than anything. Speaking as a relative of Ernst.

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