• You will probably not be able to perm your hair until it grows out and the bleached part is cut off. Every time you put a chemical in your hair, it is damaged a bit. Bleaching is definitely one of the harshest chemicals to put in your hair. If you bleached hair that already had another chemical on it, like perm or color or straightener, you damage it each time. Intense conditioning can help repair some of that damage, but ultimately the chemical never, ever goes away. It must be cut off. Another reason a perm can break hair is if the rollers are wrapped too tight or the rods are too small or if the solution is too harsh. In the case of bleached hair, even if the hair that was bleached had never had chemicals on it before (known as "virgin" hair), it is still a very touchy situation and needs extra special care in order to receive a perm on top of it.

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