• I think I feel indifferent about it. If they identify themselves, that is their choice to do. At least we know who rated the question or answer.
  • Hmmm. That doesn't affect me either way. I just like knowing someone read my answer and enjoyed it. When you think about it, it's kind of hard to be critical of someone's simply telling you he/she pointed your answer with the number of points. Here's +5 for the question, LOL.
  • Sure. Most of the times it's meant as a compliment on what those people consider a good answer. I don't see the harm in it.
  • I've never given it much thought. I don't always leave a comment when I rate answers up. I don't know why I don't leave a comment. Sometimes I don't because the person I rated doesn't necessarily like me. LOL That doesn't mean they can't give a good answer right?
  • I don't mind if they do at all, I take it as a compliment. I do however wish that people would identify themselves when they downrate me and the reason for which they did so.
  • I don't know many ABrs who have ID'd their points but the ones who do have always left a favorable impression on me. I'm glad that someone has taken the time and points to read my responses. Thanks to PJ.......
  • God, no, those people are just trying to show off how many points they can give. Good question, +5
  • I cannot answer this question, I am a robot, I do not have emotions!
  • I like it and I, therefore, identify points in my comments to other members. It's welcome encouragement. +4 for a very good question.
  • I don't do it much, neither do I mind it. +5 Lol...
  • I think it's nice but I am just pleased someone read an answer or question. What a hoot it would be if DRing people also did this! And I don't see people saying how many points they're giving marking less than their full ability, too. I think they are nice and helpful and honest.
  • It amazes me how many people are now saying how many points they are awarding you but nobody ever says that they are downrating you. No personally I do not like it, I think it is making the person feel obliged to return the favour. Since I always rate people that answer my questions I do not need people to tell me how many points they are awarding. A comment is a bonus but people do not always have time to comment on every question they rate. Probably a very unpopular point of view but I like to be honest and open about things.
  • Sometimes I like it because if someone has been downrated, they could then know who didn't do it. I have been accused of downrating questions, but it wasn't me, I was just the first or only person to answer.
  • No to be quite honest I do not like it. It is not a big thing but with some people it makes me feel that they are reminding me to give them points. I always give points but I do not Identify the fact.
  • no, I give points but I don't identify it. I hate when people do that unless it is for a specific reason, like they're uprating someone that has previously been down-rated and they are still in the negative. I did that earlier today. There are some people that tell every point every time!

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