• Yes I have, and even more to the point I lost my own wallet in a cab and had A LOT of cash in it as well as cards etc. It was handed in at the first Police Station the guy passed. Another time I left my wallet on top of a washing machine in a launderette and went home while the washer did its work. My wallet was still there when i returned about an hour later.
  • When I was a child I completely over-excited and wanted to take it to a policestaion and everything. But the boy that dropped it was just a few feet away and he and his father gave me a piece of candy for returning it. I was sure I could have get a lot more if I'd taken it to the police.
  • Yes I have and Yes I did.
  • Yes, I had a wierd week where I kept finding stuff. I found a wallet that someone had obviously left on top of their car and driven away. The contents were all over the road, so I gathered them up, checked the licence and called the guy - he came and got it and offered me $100, which I declined. The same day I got out of my car and slipped on someone's driver's licence. I called them and they came and got it - again offered me money - didn't take it. The next morning, I found a lost dog wandering in my front yard - returned it and didn't take the reward. Then I found another wallet two days later. It was quite a week. Now you would figure this would get me some good karma wouldn't you? A couple of weeks later it was the first day of school and my son was starting kindergarten. Someone TP'd our tree (I have an older son too!), so I walked to school and took pictures, walked back, put the camera on the back of my car while I took down the TP and forgot it. Then I drove away - never saw that camera again! I guess I should have taken the rewards, then I would have been able to afford a new camera!
  • Yes, I found a big fat wallet stuffed full of credit cards. I didn't know they MADE that many! He said thanks and bye. Ah well.. :)
  • mean I should have given it back?
  • I'm 21 years old and so far i have found 4 wallets all of them had personal ID and the last one $1500.00 dollars i honestly was in need of money since i had a debt with my bank for $800.00 dollars and needed money to pay it it was a temptation to keep it but i Remembered of the last 3 wallets that i returned and also Remembered my duty as a Jehova's witness to do what is right at Jehova's eyes so i searched the wallet saw the lisence got her name there was a phone # list and saw HOME # i called she answered i told her that i had found a wallet on the streets and when i said that she got extremely happy i told her that we could meet somewhere in order to return her wallet she arrived she offered me $100.00 dollars (i took them since i needed them)and she game me a ride home. Guess what i owed the bank $800.00 -$100.00 for been a samaritan $700.00 dollars i gather the $700.00 in a week of hard work i went to the ATM to get the money out since my check it's direct deposit put the money in my wallet and drove to the bank guess what YES my WALLET was not in my back pocket i have no idea how it fell out BUT IT DID y was REALLY SAD and Worried since i was late on my payment i drove back to the ATM hoping to find it but NO NOTHING not a sing of my wallet i had to sell my computer and some of my furniture to cancel my debt ohhhhh i forgot to mention i have not recieve a call from nobody regarding my wallet this happend 1 week ago i guess i will not. but in glad i returned the other ones at least i made a difference in this world and honestly i"m happy....cause i know i made the right thing...... PS DO THE RIGHT THING EVEN IF IT MEANS YOU HAVE TO SACRIFICE SOME THINGS THE FEELING YOU GET IT'S PRICELESS
  • I found a wallet in my yard the other day... and a trashed Obama sign. We saw a truck stop in front of our house on a Saturday night while my husband and I were home watching a movie. We thought we heard people get out and yell "Woohoo!" We didn't realize our sign was trashed until the next day. It only cost $3.50, but it's the principal of the thing that bothers me. We live in a quiet family neighborhood where you don't expect people to come in your yard and trash your stuff. But the idiot left his wallet! I'm not sure what to do with it though. There was no money in it, and I would like to return it and give the guy some sort of guilt trip. My other instinct is to file a frivolous police report about vandalism. Any thoughts?
  • I have, yes and returned it on plenty of occasions. karma doesnt work though, i once lost mine with my wages in, nobody ever handed it back :(

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