• I agree because everything you do affects others, even if in a long-term manner. Like choosing to drive certain types of vehicles or not recycling affects the health of others now and later. Or, not donating to charities every now and again means someone goes without food or shelter.
  • This depends on how you define connected. We are all part of the same earth, we all share common origins, we are all part of and one of the manifestations of life on earth and we are all part of the same universe. We may feel disconnected only because our consciousness dupes us into believing that we are separate; we are not separate we are all part of this thing call life.
  • Well, I do think that something that one person does can indirectly affect another person. The movie Babel shows how this works pretty well, but it seems like everyone on the planet hates that movie with their entire heart and soul except for me, so you can think whatever you want on that.
  • "Quantum physics research is beginning to prove, for the very first time in human history, that we are all connected."
  • I believe we are all connected. When you think about it, everyone in the world share at least some common goals (ie survival, feeding our kids, etc.)
  • Yes certainly we are all "connected" to the same server. How else would I answer your question?
  • The way I understand it, we're all made up of molecules, which can be further broken down, I believe to the point where there is seemingly infinite space between the components of the molecules. Just as everything else that exists is made up of said molecules. So, to put it rather simplisticly, we're just 'tighter packed' than, say...the air around us, but we are all as one. Deepak Chopra (sp?)wrote a book about this.
  • I agree. I could write something deep and meaningful. I could talk about the webs that connect us - energy, similarity, proximity, environment, etc. I could talk about how we cannot be distinguished from each other at a macrocosmic or microcosmic viewpoint. However, I won't. The all-wise, all-knowing Wombat speaks for me.
  • i think so too
  • We are all connected through the banana plants. All of us have the banana plant in our DNA

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