• Yep all the time! i get quite pissy actually now as i pull my weight and it really riles me when somebody else is getting paid the same for doing sod all! I have made people walk off wards before because i have pulled them up about it...i take no prisoners now!
  • Sometimes it does feel like it but i work in a good team, my manager is open and puts me on the same level as him, my same level colleagues are all good friends and the people that work under me are just so happy to work for me that they do whatever i ask them, well, at least, most of the times ;-)
  • No; we have a good team.
  • I have felt like that before, but despite what others do, I have always appreciated the feeling I get when I give something my best.
  • Now and again I feel like someone isn't pulling his weight and it reflects badly on our group. Other times I wonder who the real sucker is. He get the same pay, same rewards and yet contributes less and could care less what anyone thinks.
  • I am one while at work I worry about my work, The ones that drag their a*s I just go around and they end up in back where they belong.
  • No. I usually feel like I am the one Answer Bagging at work ; )
  • All the time. Then again, we have one guy who genuinely doesn't give a shit and even if he did, he is intellectually incapable of doing my job (CNC setup/operator) and the other guy is part-time since his heart attack so far a good chunk of time I AM the man. I can't blame the part-timer for his limitations as he does work hard and competently when he is there. The other guy, I tell him to just quit his bitching and get back to work. Sometimes I give him the finger.
  • I know I do and so do my co-workers. The thing is my position is different from my co-workers. So I have many more tasks to perform. And my counterparts who work the other shifts don't share in the workload. Everybody knows that I and can prove it easily.
  • I would just ask them to do some thing for example will you brush the floor while I take the rubbish out please.Useually asking them to do somr thing gets the job done.
  • i find it SOo annoying!! team members are getting the same wages as me and some of them just seem to 'get away with not pulling their weight! Grrrr
  • I had this at my last job. a team meeting was called and our boss told us each to write down what we had done each day for a week, everyone put up there pase and did their fair share then!!!! Its a childish way to have to deal with things but it worked!

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