• Gambling, in any form, other than a lottery or state-operated scratch-offs, is illegal in Tennessee. This also includes bingo. Please explain how you have a casino night party. just curious.
  • company parties and fundraisers use them. blackjack, craps, etc... are played with "funny money" and the company giving the party usually gives away prizes at the end of the party. Real money is never used and it is all just for fun. There are many companies throughout the US that offer this type of party.
  • Yes they are legal. Tennessee defines gambling as "risking anything of value for a profit whose return is to any degree contingent on chance...." If you are betting with fake money (and the fake money cannot be cashed in for real money) then you are not risking anything of value. Thus, you are not gambling.
  • Have you ever played a poker machines where you win just credits? if so, generally, its just a front for a real money payoff. one credit equals $1.00. the machine will not make the payoff, but usually an employee will pay cash for creits. If you are not "paying off" on the side, what you have described is not illegal. the only problem is you might have a hard time explaining this to the police, if there is a complaint made against you and the party.
  • if they dont involve real money i dont see why they wouldnt be legal

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