• Yes it does. Prisoners are people just like you and me, they don't deserve that.
  • Yes because they are people too. also it spreads diseases which when the prisoners are released they spread to other people.
  • Yes of course it does.
  • There are plenty of innocent people in prison and then there are those that don't deserve this horrible thing. However, there are some of those in prison who I cannot feel sorry for, killers & tortures of women and children. Just being honest.
  • A prisoner is a person just like you and me they deserve the respect you give any neighbor so they should never be raped.
  • Absolutely. And, among many other issues, this needs addressing. What makes people think such a horrible act should be forced upon others. It makes me sick...
  • yes, it matters...well except for child molesters and rapists, I can't muster much sympathy for them.
  • NO ONE deserves rape, including rapists or child molesters. So, yes it does matter if prisoners are raped. I'm sure it matters to the prisoner, to his or her parents and sisters and brothers or friends and grandparents. What sane rational person could ever think that rape is acceptable for any living creature?
  • Having spent some time locked up, I assure you that it is not like they portray it in the movies and on t.v. A person can pretty much spend their term free of such horrors if they abide by some simple rules. 1:Don't do drugs, or get mixed up with those who do them or sell them. 2: Don't get mixed up in gambling, or barter for things you can't afford or pay back. 3:Don't get mixed up with homosexuals, or their "Daddies". There is plenty of trouble to be had if you want it, but if you mind your own beeswax and just do your time, you'll be fine. The television makes it look so bad to give you incentive NOT to do what ever illegal thing it is you might be thinking of doing. I assure you, those guys have it pretty cushy, and if they were real tough guys, they'd stay out on the street, and work, and pay their child support, and get on in life like everyone else.
  • Absolutely! Most of the people who get raped in prison are the ones in there for non-violent crimes, and that's a horrendous tragedy! I am like most of the other ABers, if it's a child molester or rapist, he needs to know how it felt. Prisoners that are in for non-violent crimes should be protected to the fullest extent.
  • Of course. All criminals are not created equal- and don't deserve such punishment from others. Pedophiles and people who harm children and animals are the exceptions.
  • All I'm going to say is that I think no one deserves to have their life disrupted or their happiness disrupted. :)
  • Yes, it does.
  • Of course not=)
  • Most definitely. The sentence of the court is imprisonment, not torture. It doesn't matter whether the torture is inflicted by the authorities or by other prisoners with the authorities unable or unwilling to stop it, it is a cruel and inhuman thing to do. By allowing it, you reduce yourself to the level of the worst class of prisoners.
  • they are human
  • They are human... right?
  • No unless they are minding others business or stiring up trouble behind bars or acting like a tough guy!
  • Well It kinda happen to me until I told the prisoner that he dont have to rape me just ask...and after that it was consented...until we got caught!!!
  • It has alot to do how you conduct yourself as a man or a kid . what your in for . I agree with everything MG said on what you bring down on yourself one way or another. but the reality is that ANYTHING can happen at ANY time . whether it be that or you having to take a life to protect your own. what you deserve or don't doesn't really enter into it. it is survival. nothing more or less.
  • Of course it matters! Prison conditions need to imforved!
  • yes, especially when it's done by the system
  • Yes, it matters. It has to do with sentences according to the law, human rights, prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment, differentiating justice and vengence, and the humanity of the society. Sexual violation is not a legitimate means of punishment, and indifference to such problems reflects very negatively on our society. One of the measures of humanity and ethics in a society is the treatment of prisoners.
  • Allowing for that kind of behavior in jails is appalling! As was said earlier: the sentence is imprisonment; not torture. To turn a blind eye to the rape and abuse in prisons shows great moral laziness on the part of those that allow it and serves to create an environment of chaos. And the Constitution protects against "cruel and unusual punishment" and guarantees the same justice for all. Of course, rapists and murderers should be swiftly, methodically and humanely executed for THEIR crimes (which is not cruel nor unusual) so the excuse that those people "bring it on themselves" wouldn't apply if we dealt with them as they should be.
  • It is a shame for the country that allows it.

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