• Its two things ... A baseball term for someone who is ambidextrous A euphamism for someone who would sleep with either of the sexes if they situation arises... i.e. batting for the other team...
  • A man who has sex with both men and women.
  • Somebody who hates switches.
  • Switch hitter is a term most commonly used in Baseball. It refers to a player that has the ability to bat right-handed or left-handed.. Most switch hitters do this depending on the pitcher they're facing. The purpose mainly is to gain certain advantage.
  • In baseball, a switch-hitter is a batter who is able to hit from both the right and left sides of the plate. Switch-hitters are commonly taught to switch-hit at a young age, as learning to hit from the other side of the plate is often very difficult (but not impossible) to do after years of hitting exclusively from one side. Usually, right-handed batters hit better against left-handed pitchers and vice-versa. So, a hitter who is competent from both sides of the plate can be an asset for a team and can cause myriad match-up problems for opposing pitchers and managers. This is usually one of three primary reasons many young players learn to switch-hit. Secondly, a competent switch-hitter is less likely to be a part-time player. For instance, Rick is a right-handed hitter; Larry is a left-handed hitter. Both Rick and Larry are solid hitters, but they're also both first basemen who have difficulty playing other positions. The manager, knowing their defensive weaknesses, might choose to platoon Rick and Larry at first base. That is, having Rick start games only when the opposing starting pitcher is a left-hander, and only having Larry start games when the opposing starting pitcher is a right-hander. In this case, a first baseman who can hit from both sides of the plate would be a tremendous asset. Thirdly, most curveballs, as opposed to screwballs, will break away from the hitter if he's batting on the same side of the pitcher, which is slightly harder to hit than if the ball is breaking towards him. A switch-hitter might hit from the same side a pitcher throws from in rare cases. Usually, it's either due to a pitcher historically dominating him, so the hitter might experiment by batting from the side the pitcher throws from to "throw off" or confuse the pitcher. A second reason might be because the pitcher throws the knuckleball, and the hitter feels that batting from the same side will give him a slight advantage. Of course, the theories on how to properly hit the knuckleball are incredibly varied. Switch hitter is one of the many forms of slang referring to bisexuality. The reference being that the person will "bat for either team", referring to males and females, alluding to no sexual preference gender-wise. 1 : a baseball player who switch-hits 2 :(slang) BISEXUAL male or female 3 : one that is flexible or adaptable; especially : a person who can work equally well in either of two jobs or capacities (informal) a person who is capable of doing two different jobs, activities, or the like.

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