• Before you do anything, check the video connectors. If they are loose, the image could appear in Black and White. Unplug them and replug them making sure they are securely and fully inserted into their ports.
  • Agree with KozDracon. The PS3 naturally displays colour. There are not settings within the PS3 to set colour or B&W. You have posted what connection you are using - HDMI or RGB. Also what TV
  • Also, by default the main menu screen is black and white unless you've changed the theme... If you're using a composite cable (the one that came with it, yellow white red), then this would indicate a problem with the cable connection to the ps3 or with the ps3 itself, as the connector to the TV outputs interlaced video, which is really all or nothing. If you're using component cables (red, blue, green, red and white (last two are audio)), then you can lose one color by an issue with one of the distinct rgb channels, but you could not lose all color at once as you wouldn't see anything (composite outputs three signals, one for each primary color of light, so it would have to be what your ps3 is outputting if it were black and white). Lastly, if you are using HDMI it must be a ps3 output issue, as HDMI is a digital signal, and any signal issue that was caused by the cable would cause many more visible problems than just black and white. EDIT: I just saw another answer about regions, where a user mentioned something I overlooked. If you are using a PAL PS3 (European model) with an NTSC TV (US and Asia model), or vice versa, you will get a black and white output as the two signals are different.
  • i have the same problem, with an av cable ( it have only 3 points, yellow for video and red-white for sound)i buyed my console in spain, europe and i'm now in venezuela, i think the problem comes with the diference between PAL and NTSC sistems. do you thing if i use other type of cable like hdmi or component i'will have different result? or if someone found solution to this problem please send me a mail, my adress is, i'll apreciate your help. thanks
  • The av cables are a thing of the past if you use the high definition multimedia interface it should display in full colour picture and high-definition on lcd,plasma etc.
  • had the same problem using av cable,have you tried using a scart adapter? worked for me, but would recommend HDMI - it's much better quality.

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