• I very rarely feel morally obligated to do anything, let alone something that is at least not 90% self-serving. Hey, if someone wants to make a fool of themselves, who am I to stop them? It could even be fun to watch.
  • I'll try to ease the situation , in hopes they catch on. It's happened more than once in the places I've worked , so in that I'm working there I' feel morally obligated yes Good question Jodie
  • I'd try to give him a clue. If I knew him, I'd ask if he could help me for a minute, leave for a moment and fill him in. I'd do what I would like another to do for me if the situation was reversed. I've been there and think most of us have been as well...
  • Nope, if its someone I know then yes.
  • If that person means something to me then I will try to let him/her know. If it's a stranger it will just depend on my mood and the situation at the time. If it's someone I'm not particularly fond of, I will probably just sit back and watch the show. If that person is really doing his or herself harm by being a fool, I might try to step in, but only once. If he/she refuses my advice, then, so be it.
  • If its someone i care about then yes but if i don't know the person i say go for it pal lol.
  • If it's not life-threatening, then it's based strictly on how much I like this person. If it's someone I detest, I will goad and provoke as much humiliation as possible
  • I feel at least that I need to say something. If I mention "Hey if you do X, you're going to get us all kicked out of here..." or something like that. If they still do it knowing the consequences they're the idiot who made the dumb decision.
  • It's not a moral obligation, but I may step in, depending on what it is and how funny I find it. I'm SUCH a nice person - LOL. Good afternoon, Jodie!
  • Nope. It's there problem!
  • No. The fool may be the twin to the wise. Someone was once quoted as saying: "When I make a fool of myself, you will never see a better craftsman".
  • No, I just watch and laugh :)
  • I would feel obligated to try, especially if he (or her) were someone I liked and respected. If the person were not someone I did not have any feelings for I don't think I would care one way or the other.
  • no i pull up a chair, and grab some popcorn(unless its a friend of mine)
  • It depends on how many times I have tried to stop him previously and what the results were.

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