• Yes I think it is possible for a Hurrican to hit Los Angeles, It just won;t be as strong as the ones on the east coast and gulf states. They could name the first one Hurrican Laura after Dr.Laura cause she is a hurican.
  • It is not likely to happen. The waters of that part of the Pacific ocean are just too cold to sustain a hurricane. Such storms usually dissipate before they they can get to that area. As a kid growing up in Southern California, I do remember ONE time when we got the remains of a hurricane that actually reached us. It resulted in a few sprinkles in the area and that was it.
  • Yes, it is possible. Long Beach Tropical Storm of 1939 Storm History - On September 15th, a tropical depression formed off the coast of Panama. It quickly strengthened into a hurricane. It tracked northward, instead of the usual westward movement of a typical Eastern Pacific hurricane. The hurricane likely was strong, as it needed to maintain its winds to a northerly latitude. The hurricane's minimum measured pressure of 28.67 inHg occurred on September 22nd. An upper level trough turned it to the northeast, where it weakened due to the cool ocean waters. Shortly before making landfall on September 25th, it weakened to a tropical storm. The storm still managed to hit Long Beach, California as a 50 mph tropical storm, making it the only tropical cyclone in recorded history to hit the state of California. The storm quickly weakened over land, and likely dissipated within a day or two. The only known tropical storm to directly hit California: Impact - The storm dropped heavy rain on California, with 5.66 inches falling in Los Angeles and nearly a foot of rain occurring at Mount Wilson. -The flooding caused moderate crop and structual damage, amounting to $2 million (1939 USD, $26.2 million 2005 USD). -Shipping was caught off guard from this unusual system, and 45 died from the winds of the storm. -People were caught unprepared by the storm. -In response, the weather bureau established a forecast office for southern California, which began operations in February of 1940.

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