• If I had a shower seat in my shower, I wouldn't have enough room for me to get in. '
  • Yeah. I’m disabled & I actually have to be helped by my older sister (registered as one of my carers) with showers. Our bathroom was refurbished to create a “wet-room” for showering with more than enough space & good water drainage. We have a wheeled shower chair that reclines back & has leg extensions, plus a commode underneath (which we thankfully haven’t yet needed), so it’s pretty much top of the range. It had to be the best, as I’m often bedridden with my numerous disabilities/chronic health issues & I’ve had to deal with pressure sores; bad enough that they have to be treated by district nurses, plus the use of manuka honey & specific types of dressings. I consider myself lucky, though, as I know not everyone gets the necessary help for these health issues. 😅

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