• None. (I was raised right.)
  • None, I knew it was wrong to steal.
  • I grew up in a place and time with just small general stores in town. They kept candy and gum etc behind the counter, and you had to ask the store keeper for what you wanted and he'd take it out of the box and ring it up. Stealing from him was pretty difficult. So, I didn't steal any candy bars, because their storage made it impossible. 5/27/24
  • I was so meek as a child with autism & my mum always raised me to be kind, respectful & always trying to abide by the laws of society in general. Honouring what my mum taught me, I never even considered taking stuff that wasn’t mine to take. I do have to confess, though … there was a time in adulthood that I accidentally took something small without paying & didn’t realise until we were already going home. It was a £1 novelty toy (one of those “fart putty” things) that I didn’t realise was sitting in my lap, as I’m also in a wheelchair. I’m not using that as an excuse, though. The moment I realised, I freaked out & told my mum, legit on the edge of bursting into tears. We couldn’t just turn around & drive that many miles for a £1 item, though. My mum tried to assure me that she knew I hadn’t meant to take it without paying, that it was an innocent mistake on my part & that we’d make up for it somehow (either by paying them if/when we were ever there again or do a good deed & give multiple times that amount to charity, which was a suggestion by my older sister). I still felt horrible about it, though. I’m not the type who usually gets in trouble, me being “on the spectrum” & everyone who knows me in person knows that I always try to abide by the rules. I was just so distracted that day & it was such a small/light item that I couldn’t feel it sitting there (& no one else said anything about it, despite the fact that it wasn’t concealed). My mum decided to gift the item to a neighbour child who had a health scare, as we couldn’t return it (it was a shopping centre that’s was a very long distance from our hometown, so we haven’t really been out that way since) & I was too wracked with guilt to use it myself. I’ve given to charity so many times since then because I honestly couldn’t forgive myself for it & even now, it still makes my stomach tie up in knots just thinking about it. I can only hope that I can be forgiven; if not now, then someday… 🥺

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