• No. I respect the natural world.
  • Anyone who cuts grass and pulls weeds has killed trees. If you're limiting it to only larger trees, yes, I have. They have to be managed or they can become dangerous. I live in a wooded neighborhood and it's a normal thing for several large trees to fall down each year due to lack of management. I've twice watched huge trees fall down in the neighborhood while sitting on my patio. Odd thing to see; first you hear a loud noise (roots breaking, I guess) then the tree shakes for a bit and then falls over, crashing into all the trees around it. Oddly, my neighbors had a huge old oak fall and block the street last year and all I heard in that case was a sound about like a large branch falling on my roof. That tree was tall enough and close enough that it could have fallen on my house. The same neighbors have another old oak that leans over my house and will fall on it eventually if they don't remove it. They did have it severely pruned after the other tree fell, but they really need to remove it. In the case of trees falling on the street, which has actually happened to two of my neighbors, the township cuts up and removes the part of the tree that's in the street and the homeowner is responsible for cleaning up the rest of it. I've had eight trees removed from my property,
    • Creamcrackered
      Anyone that lives in a house, writes on paper and wipes his ass has also partook in the death of a tree.
  • I hired a tree hitman to pretty much carry out a tree slaughter. I had a plum tree in my front yard that developed a really bad fungus. It spread to the two huge oaks. Attempted treatments didn't work so I had to have all three trees whacked. It was ugly. Still have the pile of ground-up tree parts in the backyard. I use it as mulch because I'm barbaric.
  • Yup, I fell timber for a living for several years when I was young. 4/3/24
  • I had to move a beautiful cherry tree in my garden as previous tenants had planted it too close to the house and its roots were reaching into the drainage system, we dug it up and repositioned it, but sadly despite all efforts it died.

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