• I saw a question once that had me in stitches! A woman said her husband was not satisfying her "sex driver" and the answers were hilarious from installing a new driver to installing boyfriend 1.0 but that might cause issues running husband 1.0 **But the reason I stay is because I've actually been able to help people here. I'm not surprised at the disagreements. This is a Q&A site, people have different views. Different perspectives makes this place great. But its also small enough to be like a dysfunctional family of sorts.
  • Sharing knowledge, experience and information is interesting on this questions and answers website. It is interesting to hear what different people say about things.
  • Finding out what real people on the other side of the planet think. How does one start an arguement over you're favourite colour? Its not yellow you said it was red yesterday lol.
    • Linda Joy
    • bostjan64 reminded me of the web-series "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared," where the puppet asks the other puppets to make something creative with their favourite colour, and then chides the puppet who choses green "Green is not a creative colour!" Maybe I read too much into it, though.
  • The people using it IMHO. Lots of range of personality displayed in answers and comments. There are far fewer people using this site now, but it's still interesting. 6/3.23
  • the variety of Qs asked

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