• I like going to see truck, bike, and classic car racing. I like going for walks, especially in the woodland. I love gardening. I enjoy talking politics with one of my friends who is involved in that type of thing, including protesting. I look after wild animals when injured or hurt.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      That’s good to know that you look after wild animals that require treatment.
    • Creamcrackered
      It's certainly rewarding.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Of course it is. Saving those animals proves you are caring
  • They are more limited now because I am. I can no longer walk the nature trails or sing. I used to enjoy it. I like listening to music. I can still crochet. I usually give it away. I like playing in the dirt. I have house plants, but no land for gardening. I recently became interested in ancestry and have done indexing (this involves looking at photos of old documents and keying in the data into a searchable database for people to use for ancestry search) And I play online almost all day every day. I look up recipes, stream movies and tv shows, shop, keep in touch with family, ask and answer questions, play solitaire, sudoku, solitaire yahtzee, do puzzles and email. I'm interested in psychology math and science.
  • Not sure there's enough time in the day to state them all. I do science professionally, so I guess I can forego all of the science and mathematics. But I also am a semipro musician. When I'm not doing those things, I'm mostly just spending time with my family these days. I always enjoy cooking, which I guess is a hobby, although how can anyone not cook? But I used to also be avid into electronics, computer programming, and pretty much anything that involves making stuff out of wood, metal, plastic, etc. I used to play darts a lot, but I've played maybe once in the last ten years. For exercise, I like hiking and mountain biking, and I spend time doing yoga and weightlifting more for health than enjoyment. I don't really have friends nearby with whom to play sports anymore. I used to do a ton of stuff. When I was a kid in the 1980's, parents were pretty big on dropping the kid off at whatever place to keep them busy so that the parents would have time to do whatever stuff they needed to do without a bored whiny kid, so I was always enrolled in martial arts, horseriding, chess, tennis, soccer, baseball, etc. etc. - and I enjoyed all of it. Even got pretty good at chess for a while, or at least, so I thought, until I entered a professional tournament and was ruthlessly humbled. LOL
  • I go to theme parks most weekends and I collect photocards
  • computing
  • I like watching old classic movies. Currently viewing "Carnival of Souls"62.

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