• Yup, it is. It is also a proper noun. 12/8/22
  • "Google" was actually an accident. Its co-founders toyed around with several names prior to accidentally falling into that one. It was originally just supposed to be a search engine. The first name under consideration was "Alphabet" and then "Backrub". A student they worked with suggested "googolplex" which was countered with the shortened "googol". "Googolplex" referred to a number - the number 1 with 100 zeros (probably to denote a lot of possible search engine results). "Googol" denotes a 1 with a googolplex of zeros (100x100 or 10,000). They liked the sound of it, and when they did a domain search on "googol", the word "Google" was mistakenly searched for, instead. It was available, and the rest is history. ΒΆ As for whether or not the word is both a noun and a verb, technically, it is. "Google" is the noun while using Google to perform an action, the act of looking up a search query would be "Googling".
  • verb or a noun
  • While Google is a proper noun, it can be used as a verb in certain cases. For example, the sentence you provided, "I'll have to Google it," is correct and is commonly used to refer to searching for something on the internet using the search engine Google. However, it is important to note that using Google as a verb is not considered standard English, and it is generally more formal to use a phrase like "search for it on Google" instead.

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