• There's been a lot about life etiquette you've missed, hasn't there?
  • Your etiquette book must be pretty old (from back when men were expected to bear the total cost of a date, for example). I've been a female all of my life. I was raised in the culture just described. It's been many decades that I and most of the people I know (of any gender), will hold a door for the person behind them, regardless of gender. Get yourself a new "book".
  • I don't "expect" anybody to open a door for me. I "choose" to open the door for whoever is coming behind me. I don't care if it's male, female, child, adult, handicapped, or handicapable, young or old. To me it is simply common courtesy to be polite. I get really tired of the you against me attitude going around right now. We should ALL have each others back (or door as the case might be)!!!

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