• the TV licence fee is their main source of funding.
  • It is a legal requirement to have a TV licence if you watch TV in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland). Not having a licence is an offence, ususally punishable with a fine. It costs £159 a year for a colour licence, or £53.50 for a black & white one. There are some discounts, half price if registered blind, £7.50 in a care home/sheltered accomodation. Some over 74s on pension credit benefit qualify for a free one. The licence fee pays for the all the UK BBC TV channels, national & local radio stations and the online services. There is also overseas commercial income from BBC Worldwide, selling programmes abroad and licencing and merchandising from popular programmes like "Dr Who" & "Top Gear."
  • Look at the economy - taxes in particular. Gasoline (petrol) prices in the UK are ranked at 157th highest in the world (out of 168) compared to US prices which hold the 37th position. ¶ Compare that to Venezuela, Libya, and Iran which are $0.06, $0.11, and $0.26 respectively (US Dollar).
  • 1) TV licence fee. 2) commercial business. 3) Direct government grants. 4) other areas. 5) covering up paedophiler, oops.

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