• For about a total of 1 minute. I was in the Boy Scouts. It was stupid from the get-go, and I said so (even though I'd never heard of a snipe hunt before), and when it got sufficiently stupid - which took about a whole minute after they actually persuaded/bullied me to participate - I just quit the "hunt".
  • Yep, many years ago once!
  • NO...all the guys when I was in high school tried to take the girls snipe hunting. I was smart enough to recognize from that shit eatin' grin on their face that it was going to be something I wasn't interested in doing!!!
  • I haven't heard that term since 1959!
  • never heard the term. Everytime I go hunting there is blood. If I took the boys snipe hunting as defined by google my blood would be on the ground. We usually go after pigs .
    • Linda Joy
      When I was a kid, my stepfather used to drive around and we'd just look for animals from the car. He said he'd give me some little piece of change for every squirrel I saw before him and so much for a deer. But we weren't shooting. I've never been snipe hunting.
    • Majik-1
      Back when snipe hunting was popular, there was NO such critter as a snipe!!! It was a way to get a girl out in the country after dark so the guys could try to have sex with her. Since then, they have named a bird a snipe so they can now been actually hunted.

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