• It brings back memories.
  • Maybe the listener is sensitive to emotions and can feel the emotions in a song whether it’s the lyrics or the tune or both. Some songs are played with passion and an active listener can relate to the lyrics affecting their moods and thinking. The song can either have a positive or negative impact on the listener. I think you’re sensitive to emotions which is very human of you.
  • Oh wow! I just posted a question about this while this one was posting! When did you write this question? Is Mrs. C back or is that an old post? I think #5748 was a little while back, right? I think we're in the 70's now. We're up to 7529 now and I see that says Mr. C not Mrs. C. Wow, what a coincidence! And yes, I think it does. Whether about memories or road rage or upbeat music while you clean or quiet music for children to nap or do their school work. I DO BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF MUSIC! Great question!
    • Linda Joy
      How has music been affecting you? I accidentally changed my radio station (it fades between a country station and a spiritual "worship" station) But I'm seriously thinking about using music therapy and studying the results.
    • Linda Joy
      I hope bostjan sees this question. And Jenny and hulk also are into music. I look forward to seeing their answers.
  • It sounds like you are going through brain imaging. 🧠 πŸ’­ Certain music as you mentioned can be associated with strong memories or emotional reactions.
  • I don't know why music affects us so much. Its the rhyme, the rhythm, its the message but its also the beat. Its the mental imaging. And I also have no idea why certain affects some people but not others. I also know animals have the same attraction but I don't know why.πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜–I like poetry too but it doesn't have nearly the effect that music does. And why does my friend like Hall and Oates but I can't stand them?
  • Music intended as an art form is supposed to evoke emotions and/or memories in the listener. Often times, the artist creating the music intends for it to mean something totally different from the way it ends up being interpreted, and, even more often, different people will associate the same music to different things, so we all end up having different tastes. For example, I can't hear Stealer's Wheel "Stuck in the Middle with You" without thinking of that visceral scene from the film Reservoir Dogs. My wife says it reminds her of Oreo advertisements. I'm sure a lot of people associate it with IBM or with the concepts explained in the lyrics... But, at any rate, if the music is doing what it was intended to do, it *should* make you feel something as you listen to it.
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      That's a very sadistic scene. The guy is being tortured and he's forced to watch his male torturer dance.

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