• GM seem to have retreated back to the US. As well as ending Holden production in Australia they sold the European division (Vauxhall/Opel) to PSA who merged with FCA to form Stellantis.
  • Pry off a few Holden badges from parked cars and see if there's some GM badges under them.
    • 11stevo73
      I don't want anything GM made this century its all rubbish, The wankers think Holdens are valueable at the moment until they try sell them most aren't. I don't need any plastic badges, does GM sell rubbish in the USA?
    • Army Veteran
      Yer right - Holdens aren't worth a shit. That's why Holden owners were buying GM Badges a few decades ago to give the appearance of a better value.
    • 11stevo73
      only wankers put chev badges on holden yes those wankers think there holden is worth heaps. Some might be worth a bit to a collector majority with 300K plus km on them are money pits.
  • Still surviving well in the U.S., though they had a serious chip shortage late last year. Here in the U.S. they are still very competitive and, in fact, they are in cahoots with Honda in the offering of advanced self-driving cars that should keep them competitive - or maybe even a little better than competitive - for the next few years.
    • 11stevo73
      so they are doing it the USA also investing in bs no one wants that is the gutts of why they died here they put all their R&D into vehicles very few people wanted. In 1980 v8 2 wheel saloon cars were the go GM never made a decent right hand drive 4 wheel drive which is what alot of ex holden drivers brought from 2000 on.
    • Australia, people think that the left side of the road is the right side of the road, and that the right side of the road is the wrong side of the road. No wonder the GM guys got confused.
    • 11stevo73
      they didn't have a problem for the first 60 years. Some time around 2000 they started bleeding US dry. Every VF commodore made cost the Aussie tax payer $27k.
      I wish I could apologize for them. I've always thought GM made a decent product (in the U.S.). Not to say that ALL of their products have been good, but most of them were reasonably good, competitive with all except the better Japanese brands, and typically beat even those if you happen to be on the taller side. I see here [[ ]] that GM sales tanked beginning in 2005. Not sure what caused that, but apparently the Aussie GM vehicles couldn't compete with competitors, unlike the US GM vehicles (which have lagging sales but are still very competitive overall). [[ ]]
    • 11stevo73
      GM sales tanked beginning in 2005. correct when everyone wanted 4wd holden put all their research and development money which they scabbed from our goverment into another 2 wheel drive commodore. That hardly any buyers wanted.
  • It got bought by Liverty Mutual.

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