• I'm proud to be an American despite U.S. politicians. I don't find Biden significantly worse than others, except with regard to his public speaking ability. (I still can't get over his idea to put strict restrictions and limitations on gum-owners...)
  • I'm with bible-reviews on this one - I'm proud to be an American, regardless. It's unfortunate that we're stuck with a dumbass for a president, but we'll get through it. Telling lies is a politician's stock-and-trade. Do you like it when your politicians get up on TV and lie? Nobody does. Joe is cranky because even his own political constituents are turning on him.
    • 11stevo73
      Aussie's must love a classic artist our politicans are contanstly doing it also. Im starting to think its an international sport. Lets go on tv and see who can tell the biggest lies.
  • Joe is angry that the Repubs continue to vote against most of his plans that are good for the American people.
    • 11stevo73
      What has build back better built so far? Not 1 construction project has started has it?Does the angry old fool even know what day it is? Are you ok with it making debts your grandchildren will still be paying? What does build back better actually do? Its not for building infostructor is it?

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