• The IDEA is that the OVERALL carbon production needs to be limited, and so the biggest carbon-producing companies have to pay money to low carbon-producing companies so that ***producing less carbon is profitable***. The idea is that the bigger carbon-producers will want to invest money to produce less carbon (which supposedly will be less of a loss in the long-run) rather than pay (a regular loss instead of a profit) to be allowed to produce more carbon.
  • It's all a scam - there is no climate crisis. While all of the climate change advocates are trying to get everyone to "go green", the problem that is created is that there's no technology to support "going green" other than solar energy and that is too limited to be practical. The batteries that power EVs 1) are too cost-prohibitive - they cost as much as the entire vehicle. Electric vehicles will be nothing more than disposable cars - drive them until the battery goes bad then throw them away and buy a new one. 2) the raw materials that go into making the batteries can only be obtained with equipment that depends on fossil fuels. And 3) an oil pipeline leaves a much smaller footprint on the environment that a huge mining operation that gouges out monstrous craters in the earth to get the material needed to make batteries. The only ones who profit from the climate change scam are the ones pushing it. Finally, there's no telling how much the taxes would be to charge an EV. When you have a monopoly on consumer energy there's nothing to keep you in check.

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