• Yes...but WHAT they should do, WHEN, and HOW, are things that puzzle all governments. Raising interest rates on a national level TENDS to curb inflation, and has proven SOMEWHAT effective in the past, and that's what the U.S. is doing now. The HOPE is that the high-inflation period will be relatively temporary. If it starts looking otherwise (e.g. if it starts looking like we will be entering another Depression), more severe measures will be taken. At the current time a Depression does NOT seem likely (for example: because jobs are UP, more people are working, than a couple of months ago).
  • The government has and is doing much to help inflation skyrocket. Printing and handing out more money dilutes the value of the money that already exists.
  • most people do not realize or care that the Rothschild family controls inflation and deflation over the entire world. Never look at what you can see learn what you can't see. All fiat currency will eventually fail. Read the book, "The 13 Satanic Bloodlines, Paving The Road To Hell'" and learn more of what is going on in our world.
  • Giving out more money will just create more inflation. Services and jobs. The government should temporarily allow more oil drilling and focus on long-term alternative energy.
  • Give them a chance - they're bankrupting this country as fast as they can.
  • If at this point, you still think Joe Biden and the Democratically controlled Congress are trying to help the country, you should seriously seek psychiatric assistance.
  • How do you control something you don't own? 60 years of sell outs have solved that. Don't the democrats currently control every level of your government? Who do they work for is the question isn't it? If they wanted to help the people they could. What is their agenda is the real question? Personal belief is there are culling the population change the remaining people into slaves for the rich elite.
  • They are trying but it takes time to feel the effect.

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