• I don't know. When you google it, what facts are returned?
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      I found out that Pope Pius declared in 1958 that "some" Jews killed Jesus. I am not aware what original catholic teaching about the Jews was. I am aware however that Popes ordered the burning of all Jewish holy books including the Talmud during the Middle Ages and this is the reason why the Babylonian Talmud was used as the official Jewish text durng that time. I want to know because I want to know how bad antisemtism was before WWII and whether the Jews needed Israel to survive or if it was a propaganda tool to create Israel. I also want to know if Catholic doctrine before WWII blamed the Jews for the killing of Jesus. According to what I have read here, while the Papacy didn't preach that Jews killed Christ, some priests did and got away with it. So the Jews hiding out in the US wouldn't have been enough to prevent their extermination. Israel had to be created because there were too many anti-Semitic priests in the US.
  • First: I'd like to point out that the religion of Catholics is - by definition - "Christianity". "Christianity" is the religion. Catholicism is merely one denomination of the religion of Christianity. *** Second: I am NOT an expert on the history of Catholic teaching. In fact: I'm not even Catholic. HOWEVER: I HAVE read the entire "Catechism of the Catholic Church", and I DID attend Catholic high school (which included a two-semester course on "The History of the Church", which course I passed with As). *** That being said: as far as I know "the Jews killed Jesus" has NEVER been an OFFICIAL teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. Of course, that doesn't mean that no individual Catholic priest took it upon himself to preach such a message. Probably several have done so throughout history. But - obviously - there's a difference between 10 or 100 or even 1,000 officials (out of literally thousands upon thousands) who opine "X" when THE official teaching does not say "X" at all. *** I'd like to point out that during the Spanish Inquisition - historically the most notorious and long-lived violent suppression of alternate religious beliefs by Catholics - Jews were tolerated. Yes, laws were very strict (read: oppressive) for Jewish people living under the Inquisition, but it was the Muslims (early on) and the Protestants (later on) that were the primary targets of the Inquisition.
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      The Catholic definition is not supported by the Bible. Don't be fooled, Catholics and Christians have different religious beliefs such as the cross, worshiping idols, images, priest confessions and so on. The Bible condemns Catholicism.
  • You can read all about it in the NT. It makes it quite clear who was responsible for the death of Jesus. Here is a link to a pretty decent article about that issue.
  • You suggesting the Bible was written after WWII? That's pretty easily disproven.
  • unfortunately this created a lot of antisemitism
  • Jesus voluntarily gave up his life to atone for everybody's sins,
  • Are you asking a question or making a statement?
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      I'm asking a question. I think its already been answered. It was Catholic Policy during the Middle Ages to say Jews killed Jesus, but not since the invention of the automobile and humans entered the modern age has this been a doctrine. Some priests and even Bishops like Hudal adopted anti-Semitism and the Vatican didn't have the power to stop them but it persisted. The reason I am asking is that some people say Israel didn't need to be created, that all they needed to do was emigrate to the US. This is false. Antisemitism was a dangerous factor in the US and Europe. Israel needs to exist, even today.
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      Don't believe all that Catholic monstrosity. It is Satan's church:
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      yeah, that's why they have sponsored so many universities, churches, food drives, mental health services, hospitals, orphanages, asylums and other forms of charity to help the poor, because that what SATAN would do. lol. Make sense Jenny. And lay off the hard stuff.
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      Think about how different life would be in your community if there wasn't a St. Mary's, or St. Joseph's hospital or school. Life would suck.
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      Hulk, you make it too easy for me. I see what you mean though, but Satan also disguises himself as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14)
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      There are more Jews living in the US than in the entire state of Israel. Not only was Israel not necessary, but since they declared themselves a sovereign state, they have been practicing the same kind of Lebensraum that they accused the Germans of doing in WW2. The Balfour Declaration forbade them from interfering with the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine and while the British Mandate was in force, they were kept in check. But the minute Britain handed the problem over to the United Nations and Israel declared itself a sovereign state, this condition was no longer in force and that's when they targeted Palestine for extinction. There is hardly anything left of Palestine today and the conflict will continue until Israel has it all. They (Zionists) have the world convinced that Palestine is the aggressor - and everyone supports Israel. It's strange, however, that Zionism has had its "deed" to Palestine since 1917 but has never been involved in a conflict with Palestine until after the British Mandate with its "hands-off clause" ended in 1948.
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      1465, the Jews have every right to extinct Palestinians from Israel. The name "Israel" first appears in the Bible as the name given by God to the patriarch Jacob. Genesis 33:28 "Then He said, Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and with men, and have prevailed." Besides, God brought the Jews back from exile to speak of Israel's independence in 1948, just as it was prophesied in Jeremiah 32:37. To say the Jews shouldn't have their own country is to say Ukranians don't have a right to exist.
  • Antisemitism has existed for hundreds of years. That's why the Jews never had a country of their own and it's why they were hated in every country they lived in. Israel was not established as "the homeland of the Jews" like the world has been buffaloed into believing - it was created as a political state. That's why it's so important that people learn the difference between Zionism and Judaism. Zionism is a political movement while Judaism is a religious/ethnic concept. Antisemitism that has been directed at the Jews (Judaism) has always been misdirected. The problems caused in the many countries through the centuries, supposedly by the "Jews", were almost always done by Zionism since they would have been political acts of some kind. Today's political Zionism was established around 1895. Before that, they were simply known as "Jews" and this is where the misconception started. They were still political, and the religious/ethnic concept of Judaism was still a distinctly separate entity but because Zionism hadn't formally declared its own separate identity, the ramifications of their actions spilled out among the entire Jewish population, leaving the religious Jews to feel the worst end of it. But Zionists, in an attempt to protect themselves, deflect the blame to all Jews and then go "rushing to their aid" to justify their own existence. It's similar to a fireman who commits arson to ensure he will always have a job. Palestine (what would later become Israel) came into the hands of the Zionists in 1917 after they maneuvered Britain into a losing position in WW1, then offered to pull the US into the war on their side to help them win. The payment for this was Palestine in the form of the Balfour Declaration. This doesn't make Israel "legal" - it's still the product of a breach of contract on Britain's part 2 years before it was handed over to the Zionists. Based on the tenants of contractual law, Palestine belongs to the Arabs (Palestinians).

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