• They still make 'em here in the U.S. They're typically used by professionals (plumbers, electricians, HVAC, etc.) and delivery (florists, etc.). Nothing wrong with letting your (appropriately-aged) daughter date someone who has a job!
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      Excellent March 29 2022
  • I have an idea that the terminology being used here lost something in its trip across the pond. What you're calling "panel van" was known here as just "van" or "custom van" (aka 'customized'), "party van", etc that owners would dress up as eye candy. They aren't made anymore like they used to be, but people still do restore and display them in custom car shows. The generation that drove them grew up, got married, had kids, and needed something more practical. So the sport utility vehicle was born - the design was somewhat different, but it was basically the same thing attracting the same market but given the seal of approval to haul their families around in. If a 19-year-old showed up in a custom van to take my daughter out, I think I would have to check out the van first - the nicer the van, the better the chances. 😄
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  • Because they're called "Rape Wagons." lol
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