• Did they tell you that your chosen field was questionable? Of course, they didn't - they wanted your money. My mom made a similar mistake. She went back to college to learn how to become a keypunch operator (this was in the infancy of computers - it was a high-demand job at the time). By the time she finished, technology had advanced so quickly that no one used keypunch operators anymore. Her chosen field was phased out - yours was over-saturated. Instead of listening to the sheepherders who talked you into "staying in school", you should have gone to trade school. Sure - you might end up getting your hands dirty, but $40/hr in hand is a lot better than $0 in hand, wrapped around a worthless diploma. Your decision not to pursue a master's degree is the smartest thing you've done. Now go talk to Mike Rowe - you're still young enough to be trained in a field where you can create your own job if necessary.
  • get an online job
  • work from home
    • 11stevo73
      How much will that pay ?
  • In answer to your question I'd work for myself, and have many times in the past. But from your description I think what you really want to know is how to gain experience. You could volunteer/intern, join job corp, join the service, etc. You really should have gotten a part time job in your field while you were going to school. Perhaps if you tell us what you do we could give you more specific answers.
  • Actually...that is VERY good advice. Take it from someone who (regretfully) did NOT get their Master's degree. I was lucky compared to my fellows: I got a technology job with a Bach Physics degree (though it took MONTHS to land the job, and it was NOT directly related to my physics degree). One of my fellows who graduated with me could only find a job as A PAINT MIXER. If you want a job IN YOUR FIELD OF STUDY, then you NEED TO GET THE MASTERS DEGREE.
  • When I was out of work for a long time and had applied for many jobs, I finally decided to take some civil service exams, and after a while, my name came up on some hiring lists. I took county, state, and federal (a few of which I failed, but not all). I did eventually get hired from one of those lists.
  • what I did start your own buisness who's interests are the University counseling service acting in theirs for $40k or yours? If you cant get a job in the field now are you really going to get one with $40k worth of further training I think they are bleeding you dry.

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