• No. Far from it. Between the thousands of deaths from the coronavirus to Putin’s war in the Ukraine, there is nothing but misery, chaos and corruption. A person can make their own life happy when they put their own mind to it and being with the right people who can cheer them up. Generally speaking, people are corrupt and that humans are an ignorant species. There is nothing happy about that. To make your life truly happy avoid those who will break you down mentally. Sometimes in life we fall in order to pick ourselves up and be good to ourselves and others for our mental health. True happiness comes from within and watching a comedy movie or a comedian can be helpful for being happy
  • Not where I live. Every time I turn on the Tv there is some politician preaching more rubbish designed to divide people.
    • Linda Joy
      Don't turn on the tv.
    • 11stevo73
      I install at least 1 tv antenna a week ,some weeks 2 or 3
  • Technically happiness depends on happenings, while true JOY comes from God. But happiness is also a choice. You make your place happy. Its a choice.

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