• Yes, I and my wife have both managed to avoid it so far. I am fully vaccinated, and she is not. Everybody I know in CA has it or has had it. Some of them have had it more than once as well. Over here in the great basin, our population is far smaller so it's easier to avoid exposure. I think the "herd immunity" the experts keep taliking about is a myth.
  • So far I've managed to avoid catching it.
  • An interesting question. During the last half of December and the first week in January, I was as sick as a dog. Considering it started out as my annual "sinus drainage" symptoms, that's what I assumed it was the entire time. My 67-year-old brother, who was fully vaccinated caught COVID and pneumonia about the same time I started showing symptoms (he survived - we come from a family with healthy immune systems). Just as I was getting over my symptoms, I decided to do an online comparison with COVID and noticed that I had 8 out of 10 of the symptoms. It's possible that I caught COVID and was never diagnosed. I felt like crap, but never for a moment thought my life was hanging by a thread. I have fully recovered with no ill effects. I might get tested to see if I did, in fact, have it. If so, I'm naturally immune now. If I didn't have it, I've proven to be one tough old bird and you naysayers out there can shut up and kiss my ass. (Go Trump. LOL)
    • dalcocono
      I don't think there is any more natural immunity to this than there is to a cold or the flu. I know several people who have had it twice since the omicron variant has come thru. I am starting to think that immunity to covid is just a myth.
  • Nope. I caught the last wave. I've avoided the current wave so far. Terrible stuff. First time (that I remember) having a disease that made me stupid (i.e. that noticeably affected my ability to think). Not to mention spending more time on the toilet than not for two weeks.
  • I'm still here I haven't seen a doctor for years and would rather die than see what they call doctors here. My father was told to fuckoff he died walking up the ramp leaving the hospital.

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