• Low immunity? Improve your chances of it being less serious? All vaccines are 'leaky'. But it should be each person's choice and they shouldn't be hassled about whether they get it or not. Though I agree some businesses should be allowed to test them or require masks or whatever they feel best.
  • so the government can poison you is why. Civic compliance is what is happening thanks to all of you sheep.
  • not heard of omicron vaccination, only covid vaccination . but we are told here regarding vaccination we are all going to catch omicron ..they say ya wont get as sick and wont go to hospital
  • Just like with the flu shots, they say that if one does catch it after vaccination, the disease will probably be a lighter case that won't kill you.
  • No vaccine is 100% effective. A vaccine attempts to trick the body into generating an immune response that the body will remember in case an actual exposure occurs. That recollection by the body's immune system gets forgotten by the body over time. The time that it takes is sometimes very long and sometimes very short. It also varies from person to person. Whether you are protected depends on how long it has been since your vaccine, how well your body responded to that vaccine, how aggressive the virus is, how many virulent particles were exposed to you, etc. The half life of covid antibodies is measured in weeks, not years (like, for example chickenpox, measles, diphtheria, etc.). But... the same could be said about body armour, yet you'd be crazy to elect to not wear it going into a warzone, right? Just like the best way to avoid getting shot is to stay out of a warzone, the best way to avoid covid is to stay away from people, but that's not really feasible in the indefinite long-term. So, get vax'd - it's generally much safer than not getting vax'd.

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