• She seems like a sweet woman and who knows maybe she left, some people can be mean and the Administrators do nothing to help people and it's sad I think I'm a man with the most emotional , kind side
    • Linda Joy
      Admin have PB'd many people here including you and me! And some have been banned. Beaker was banned lots of times but kept making new accounts. A lot of trolls have left as well. Even most of the YA trolls are gone. And just because someone disagrees with you or debates with you doesn't make them mean. This site is for considering opinions of others. Emotional is one thing, but if someone's feelings are easily hurt over every little thing maybe this is not the best place for that person. On the other hand I have seen some comments where people were mean to her. They didn't understand her situation or limitations.
  • She left for a while once before. She used to do AB and YA at the same time. Many users have left, and many take breaks and come back.
  • i hope covid never got her ..people bullied her here and in yahoo ......... jan 2022 now
  • I'm not surprised. I've only been here a short time but I am appalled at the lack of enforcement of the rules. There are so many trolls here and they do whatever they want because they know they can get away with it.
    • Hulk70166
      This is where a point system would do well. I know it seems childish but when somebody violated the rules the admins could always take away points rather than banning them. It works well.

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