• If it was a live tree, watering it will help keep it from drying out and loosing its needles as quickly. Kinda like flowers. But its not just a matter of how it looks, a dry tree is also a fire hazard. Be safe, sweetie!
  • My late maternal grandma had a real Christmas tree and always used an Aspirin in the water to keep it alive.and always worked for her
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      I've never heard of that. lol
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      The aspirin trick is real. And Linda is correct - if you don't water it, it will dry out and become a fire hazard with the hot lights hanging on it.
  • It's your tree. Water it if you want to. It's a good idea to water it if you plan to leave it up for several weeks.
  • Your friend is a bonehead. ask them how long they'd last without water? Water it EVERY DAY! It's amazing how much water that tree will drink up. EVERY DAY at least. sometimes 2x depending on the size.

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