• Is that the holiday version of "What floats your boat"? Millennials may not understand since the phrase was popular before they were even a drip on their mommy's thighs. In the other sense, living in a basement apartment with few visitors, I have no one to impress, so I don't do the tree thing.
  • my tree has a star.and the tree looks very pretty ..i used mostly silver colour this year ..and it was complemented the other day and hubby loves it also ... Merry Christmas 🎄🍒✨❤️💖 🍒 ⭐✸ ✩ ✰ ☆ ✧ 🎄🎅🏼 🤶 ❄️✨🍒🌲⭐🔔 🎄 ⛄☃
  • Usually a star, sometimes an angel.

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