• I prefer them. You get fewer returns and more thank you.s.
  • Giving cash or a gift card would be less offensive than buying a gift that the recipient doesn't want - but has to feign pleasure upon acceptance.
  • I think it's just fine. Who doesn't like a gift of money? I have never heard a single person say "well dang, another 20 dollar bill!, I was hoping for new socks too"!
    • Linda Joy
    • Hulk70166
      I love that analogy. I started asking for money when I got tired of sport coats and watches. lol
  • I think gift cards are fine. In fact one of my women friends wants me to gift her one of those cards.
  • i have given my adult kids money for years, that way they can buy what ever they want { plus i buy a small gift as well something i know for sure they would want or need
  • I know there are people who think it is inappropriate...but I always preferred it, personally. I guess I'm hard to shop for.
  • Young people would rather have the money to buy exactly what they want .
  • I think it means more if someone has taken the trouble to buy you a present, but I know young people prefer to have money to buy what they really want.
  • I think it's perfectly fine, like you say it used to be frowned upon, but these days I think it's the safest way to go.
  • I do it all of the time.
  • I can buy what I want with a gift card and not worry about size or returning the gift.

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