• Probably. "Castes" are famously, traditionally recognized in Indian culture, and caste discrimination is equated with racism there. I *think* that most cultures don't recognize or incorporate castes. For example: I can't think of a single Western culture that does so. Instead, we tend to recognize "social classes"...which is a SIMILAR but NOT IDENTICAL concept. Unlike with castes, you could never accurately describe classism as racism.
  • Socially, it falls within the categoric list of discrimination, along with other forms of identification such as Age, Disability, Genetics (Hair texture, Height, Looks, Size, Skin color), Language, Mental disorder, Race / Ethnicity / Nationality, Rank (Class, Caste), Religion, Sex, and Sexual orientation. As you can clearly see in this list, however, most have been demonized by political correctness and thus, are not as morally evil as Communism (ironically, a class unto itself) might dictate. Words are words - they've been used for thousands of years. Taking offense in particular words is a personal issue, not a societal one. When society limits the use of such words, it stifles freedom of expression. If allowed to censor certain words that people find offensive, it's only a matter of time until more and more words are deemed offensive, and your freedom of speech is completely stripped away.
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      Are you saying people who use racist words have the freedom to be ignorant? It takes ignorance to say racist words. Racist people lack respect for anyone different to them
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      Anyone has the freedom to be ignorant - that fact is proven in here every day. No, it doesn't "take ignorance to say racist words" - it takes ignorance to be offended by them.
    • Shadow
      It doesn’t take ignorance to be offended by racist words. Racist people are a problem in the world because they do not tolerate difference which is their loss. You have it the other way around. People who say racist words don’t have respect for others who are different and that takes ignorance. Anyone who does not see it that way are shallow minded.
  • No, the word caste comes from the Latin castus, meaning pure, and the derivative Portuguese and Spanish casta, meaning race, hence mixed race describes that a person is of two races. However, political correctness has not only made harmless descriptions into evils, but has also made our language meaningless with it's persistent adding of more syllables see George Carlin clip beneath. Even the word race is off the cards we are now just all humans even though there is actually nothing wrong with having races, in fact this is like denying a whole diversity of peoples, their history and cultures, of course this is usually something that happens in either Fascist socialism, or Marxist socialism, two sides of the same evil. Even the lunacy of eradicating male and female, I'm just fearing the day when they eradicate adult and child, the VIP paedophile ring will have a field day then, that's where we are heading. Can't say pregnant women anymore, even though only a woman has a womb, reminds me of The Life of Brian, bizarre how comedy has become reality. My family say mixed race, but as I believe that's even coming off the cards, but since THEY ARE mixed race they aren't buying into the Bull's faeces.

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