• If the delay is their fault (mechanical issues with plane, or their pilots/cabin crew don't show up, etc), yes they are required to get you lodging and usually one or two meal vouchers. If it's due to something not in their control (like inclement weather), then no, they are not REQUIRED - but their own customer service policies will dictate if they will help you anyway (or not).
    • Army Veteran
      That must be why Northwest Airlines called their recent cancellations event "weather-related" instead of what it really was - employees quitting over the vaccine mandate. Fauci is now turning Corporate heads into liars.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Someone is wearing a VERY TIGHT TINFOIL HAT today! LMAO!! Have you taken your Horse Medication today? That'll show Fauci! You go! Teach him a thing or two! Didn't you say eating sawdust will help, too??
    • bostjan64
      Not by law, no: By law, the airlines can do pretty much whatever they want. If they cancel a flight, they are supposed to, at least, refund your ticket. I've been on plenty of flights before that were delayed for whatever reason, sometimes for days, and never, not once, not even a little, has an airline ever paid for my lodging. Usually, they give you a "discount" at one of their partner hotels, but when you use the discount code, the hotel just adjusts the base price up, so you pay the same thing as you would have without the code. It's all perfectly legal, too.

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