• Joe Biden is trying to help with the Covid and he wants to get people out of Student loan debts but is worried about his ratings
    • Army Veteran
      Biden is not trying to help with COVID no more than Kalama's "plea" to Guatemalans to "not come to America" did any good - they were nothing but gestures to make it appear as if they were doing something. The open-border policy is not discouraging anyone from coming here illegally, and they're bringing COVID with them. If he were truly "trying to help", he wouldn't have exempted illegals from mandatory vaccines. As for getting people out of student loan debts, this too is preposterous. In the first place, if they don't take responsibility for their own contractual agreements, they never will. And this is part of the problem - no one wants to take responsibility for anything. Secondly, where is the money going to come from to do this? If you think they can just print what they need, then you need a crash course in economics - you can't just print money if you want more. The money has to come from somewhere - like the taxpayers. You know those higher prices you're paying for gas? This is part of Biden's "save the American economy" plan.
  • No, and I have eye strain from looking for anything.
  • They're well intentioned. But, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
  • Enough people in the GOP are starting to remember the values they USED to have, and enough of them hate the White Supremacist, Whore-Buying Orange Emperor enough to dissolve a lot of the inertia the party could possibly otherwise gather. Sexual-assaulting Don has torn the party apart and is making it ineffective and has essentially neutered a lot of its potential. Which a lot of people in and out of the US are pretty happy about. The military-dodging, pornstar-hooker-funding Orange Emperor isn't something that Thinking People, who are not given to conspiracy theories and NO PROOF Allegations, want to see in power again.
    • Creamcrackered
      Is it simply Trump that you disliked about Republican party ODR? Or would you vote democrats anyway, and why?

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