• Not really. I can remember many a Christmas morning when I would get a toy by morning and destroy it by afternoon. Mr. Machine was one. There was also the Vacu-Form which made plastic imprints from metal casts. I stopped using it when we ran out of plastic. I also remember Horrible Hamilton. My parents got rid of it because it scared the cat. lol. There were also countless other guns and things we used to shoot off Christmas bulbs from the tree, Parents got them too. lol Cap guns were a frustration device. I loved the sound they made but nothing ever came out of them. It drove me crazy.
  • Toys were never made to last forever. Most antique toys are valuable precisely because they are rare survivors.
  • Some toys were better made than others, and some were better looked after than others. I agree that we often made toys out other things & played "dress up" etc. because we were kids, & kids have great imaginations. I have a few old die-cast toy cars from the 50s, 60s or 70s, these have survived through a combination of quality & care. I have a Monopoly set I still use that I was given in 1977 which has all the property cards, because I've looked after them.
  • I have a cast iron train from 1880 that was made for my great grandfather. It has lasted this long - because it is made from cast iron. Most kids will not find old toys like that enjoyable. When I was a kid, I never had toys that lasted very long... what are you -- 140 years old? (We had a box of old clothes on the porch we used to play 'dress up'.) Oh, I see, maybe you are 140 years old.
    • Linda Joy
      60 and unashamed, what's it to you?
  • I remember when everything was made to last, especially appliances. they'd last over 20 years. then the companies figured out they'd make more money if durable goods, weren't so durable. they started building in obsolescence. I remember too when they used to CURE diseases, like polio and yellow fever, instead of giving you a taste of the cure so you have to keep coming back. they turned us all into drug addicts, be it legal or illegal.
    • Victorine
      There was no "cure" for polio. People either recovered or they didn't. Even if they recovered, they sometimes suffered lifelong paralysis in parts of their bodies. Polio can be prevented through vaccination, but there is no "cure" if you develop it. There are also no antiviral drugs that can cure yellow fever. Hospitals can provide supportive care, but that's it. Your claim that doctors are just trying to give people "tastes" of a cure in the case of illness is ridiculous.
  • The first major (recorded) outbreak of polio was in the 1890's. A vaccine wasn't developed for it until Jonas Salk came up with it in 1955. YEAH - 60 YEARS LATER!! Many similar outbreaks followed, and then by the 1930's/40's, over a half million people on earth were killed or paralyzed by polio EVERY YEAR until that vaccine was developed.
    • Linda Joy
      What does that have to do with how long toys last? You've got to push an agenda no matter the question, even if its unrelated don't you?
  • nothing is made to last nowadays

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