• What in the World is "facetime"? As far as I know, my phone doesn't have any such feature.
    • Angster Gangster
      If you have an apple phone you have the facetime feature. Its the little circle with 2 arrow heads that reverses your camera so the person you are talking to can see your face as you talk & you can also see them if they also click the facetime circle. all the apple phones I've had in the past 12 -15years have had the facetime option & my kids who have different brands of phones also use facetime occasionally.
      Well...I do NOT have an apple phone, which perhaps explains why the feature is not used much. Apparently (from your description) it requires both parties on a call to have the feature activated...and so very many of us don't even have the feature AVAILABLE. Like the video phone of the 70s, it requires special hardware at both ends and people at both ends collaborating to a degree that motivates them to use it. I.e. collaborating to a degree far above that between the typical call-maker and call-answerer.
      BTW (2022) - now I DO have an apple phone...but not anyone dear enough has one, dear enough that I would want to make a video call to. Still for me: a cell phone is just a phone.
  • I am 70-years-old and qualify as "older people." I don't have a facetime feature on my mobile phone.
  • I do it on my Apple watch and iPhone.
  • I use facetime on mu iPhone and my Apple watch.
  • I use it.
  • Nope. I haven't had an iPhone since...(humph)...never! If I want an apple, I'll just eat one - I don't want to talk on one. People would think I was crazy.

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