• its being a bully
    • DancesWithWolves
      I agree with you Pamela
    • Franco333
      Stupid is as stupid does. Stating what should be obvious is merely an acknowledgement of reality for me, and mayhaps a wakeup call to the other, but rather unlikely to boost eithers IQ.
  • Name calling or shaming is never ok.
  • Just a minute while I do some research.STUPID.—————-Nope . I’m still no Einstein so I guess it doesn’t work. WAIT! I think my hair might be getting a little more frizzy & unruly like Einstein’s so maybe it does work a little bit.
  • I wouldn't dream of calling anyone stupid, that is very childish.
  • Not when they actually ARE stupid!
  • Yes. Some of the answers on this page just cry out for correction. Its like they want somebody to get upset.

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